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VEVOR 13 Gal Alcohol Distiller Machine Brewing Equipment DIY Whiskey Home Still

VEVOR 13 Gal Alcohol Distiller Machine Brewing Equipment DIY Whiskey Home Still

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Professional Distillation Method: Through a series of procedures such as evaporation, purification, filtration, and condensation, you can distill more aromatic and exclusive wines, essential oils, etc. The 50L large capacity of the alcohol still allows you to distill more ingredients at a time.

Updated Condensation Barrel: The condensation and purification are combined to exclude the head-level impurities. The tube on the moonshine still is smooth without wrinkles, and distilled liquor, water, and essential oil will not remain inside to avoid breeding fungus. Distilled spirits, essential oils, etc., can effectively avoid stringing.

Food-grade Materials: The parts in contact with the ingredient are commercial food-grade materials so that you can use our alcohol still kit with confidence. 304 stainless steel is more durable and anti-corrosion, not easy to rust and damage, and does not produce copper green. If properly preserved, it can be used for many years.

Effortless to Use: We have provided detailed assembly instructions, which can be quickly assembled and used in a few minutes. Silicone rings, sealing buckle, exhaust valve, thermometer, etc., are all equipped, which makes distillation very simple.

Multipurpose Usage: You can make whisky, wine, vodka, distilled water, ethanol, and essential oil, and also ferment fruits and vegetables, and soybeans via our stainless steel alcohol distiller. The thickened bottom can be heated in various ways, including open fire, induction cooker, electric stoves, etc.



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