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Retro American style stamen-shaped iron chandelier -12 bulbs -E12 lamp holder

Retro American style stamen-shaped iron chandelier -12 bulbs -E12 lamp holder

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Specification Main Color:Black Main Material:Iron

Product Features:

  • Widely used-the open design shows the lighting of light bulbs, adds the classic atmosphere of corridors, kitchens, bedrooms, restaurants and porches, and illuminates any living space.
  • Unique design-The retro stamen design shape makes the room or dining room more advanced, creating high-grade art in the Middle Ages.
  • Easy installation-The installation design of suspenders and chains, including all installation accessories, can be installed quickly. The length of chains is 1m, the length of suspenders is 0.5m, and the height can be set.
  • Compatible light bulb-its lamp cap is E12 model, which is suitable for all kinds of light bulbs (chandelier products do not include light bulbs).

Product description: The main material of this high-end chandelier is classic iron metal, with retro stamen design, and the stamen shape design can install more bulbs. Suitable for hanging above the dining table or corridor. This modern chandelier is a unique and perfect decoration for retro or farmhouse. Retro colors give light an advantage that will never disappoint.

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