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52 Inch Classics Ceiling Fan With 3 Speed Wind 5 Plywood Blades Remote Control AC Motor With Light

52 Inch Classics Ceiling Fan With 3 Speed Wind 5 Plywood Blades Remote Control AC Motor With Light

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Main Color:Chrome

Main Material:Metal


Product Features:

Crystal Ceiling Fan with Light: The ceiling fan is designed with exquisite crystal lampshade on the traditional ceiling fan, which is safe and free of impurities, with good light transmission properties. Under the light, it looks elegant and romantic.

Silent AC Motor: 100% copper AC motor with balanced blade assembly ensures smooth and noiseless operation

Pure Cooper Motor Ceiling Fan: With a copper core brushless motor, Energy-efficient ceiling fan light let you control the lighting and ambiance of the living space

Come with Remote Control: Control the 52 inch ceiling fan from anywhere in the room. With the remote control, you can adjust the light in the living room, bedroom or kitchen and set the speed of the fan without stretching for the pull chain.




<divstyle="font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Gorgeous Indoor Ceiling Fan</divstyle="font-size:>
52-inch modern high quality ceiling fan is simply and beautifully designed to complement any room decor, perfect for those who want to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to their home or outdoor space, suitable for patio, gazebo, living room, bedroom various places. Also features high-quality plywood blades that are both durable and long-lasting.

<divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">High Quality Ceiling Fan</divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size:>
This ceiling fan features a high-capacity AC motor, delivering powerful airflow and ensuring years of quiet performance. With its durable and modern design, this 52-inch ceiling fan is perfect for medium to larger-sized rooms ranging from 150-320 sq.ft.

<divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Modern Crystal Ceiling Fan</divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size:>
Gorgeous design with 5 plywood blades. The E26 x 3 lights (Not included) and crystal pendants offer ample brightness while serving as a visual centerpiece for your room, it provides excellent illumination and reliable ventilation.

52 Inch Ceiling Fan
This modern ceiling fan with light, each piece is carefully designed and crafted. Great quality plywood, which are with real solid wood instead of plastic. It gives the indoor/outdoor decor a touch of luxury and refinement.
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