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3-Liner Self-watering Rectangle Planter Box - Dark Wood

3-Liner Self-watering Rectangle Planter Box - Dark Wood

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Main Color:Dark Brown

Main Material:Plastic


Product Features:

SELF-WATERING: Sub-irrigation from a reservoir keeps plants nourished, even when you're not at home up to a week

ECO-FRIENDLY: certified by GRS (Global Recycled Standard), our products not only take care of plants but also the environment

WEATHER RESISTANT: Being UV stabilized and frost resistant this durable planter is perfect for all weather

EASE OF ASSEMBLY: Simple design and lightweight structure makes it easy to assemble, move or store

BEAUTIFUL WICKER FINISH: helps beautify and make your garden / corner more stylish

Water level indicator included

Overall dimension:30"x11"x11"




<divstyle="font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">3-Liner Self-watering Rectangle Planter Box - Dark Wood</divstyle="font-size:>
A modern staple that brings much-needed greenery to the mix, this planter box is a great way to add an extra layer to any space. It's sharp and clean lines can help to define both indoor and outdoor spaces.A staple in both commercial and residential locations looking for style and function, this type of planter brings elegance with a modern touch sure to please.Our planter boxes is perfect to define areas of a room or patio, dress up a deck or garden, or create container gardens to grow your own flowers, plants, vegetables, and herbs. The weather-resistant composite is strong, durable and easily holds up to the elements. Whereas other planters need to be replaced annually, this will last for years to come.
<divstyle="font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Handmade with tender loving care</divstyle="font-size:>
Plants add an extra dose of life, happiness, and tranquility to our spaces. So, it is only fair that we return the favor by providing them with a suitable home that nurtures and sustains these cherished qualities.Combining the industry's latest innovations with age-old practices dating back to the 7th millennium BC, the passionate and experienced artisans behind our hand-painted, self-watering planter pots bring you the best of both worlds.

<divstyle="font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Breathe a Fresh Sigh of Relief</divstyle="font-size:>
Our celebrated self-watering system nourishes your plants while you are on the go.No longer will you need to take time out of your busy schedule to go around watering your plants every day.Our self-watering planters do it for you. All you have to do is follow these instructions to build a stable foundation:Secure the cylinder to the bottom support base.Insert the water level indicator to support base.Attach the funnel covering to the top of the cylinder.Place the system into the planter

<divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Classic Textured Designs</divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size:>
Made of the highest quality, ethically sourced, and sustainable materials.

<divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size: 16px;="" font-weight:bold;line-height:24px;color:="" #333333;word-break:="" break-word;"="">Sleek Softly Square</divstyle="margin-top:12px;font-size:>
Hand-painted planters are built with options to match every preference.

Easy to assemble
Designed with both your and your plant's best interests at heart.
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